Men’s Senior squad coaching Minis and Youths teams

Seniors men help coaching Youths and Minis

Michael McNamara, U12s coach had the pleasure on Sunday of introducing his team to some ‘legends of rugby”. In a fantastic new initiative, members of the Men’s Senior squad will be working with Minis and Youths teams to lend their insight and expertise to our young players during the current Level 5 restrictions.
Our youngsters were delighted to have the Seniors on board with one keen U8 announcing to his new coach at the end of the session that ” when I grow up I want to be just like you” .
The Minis coaches were equally delighted by the new collaboration with coach Ian Healy remarking that “The senior players were hugely encouraging this morning. It is an opportunity for our kids to learn new skills and spend time with these guys. Good chance also to encourage the kids to ask these guys questions in terms of what skills and practice they can do at home”

Many thanks to all the Senior squad and returning former players for giving their time to Minis today and over the coming weeks.